There are thousands of torch apps in the app stores, but today we’ve uncovered a pretty unique one. It’s called Ultimate Torch and it’s available for free in the Windows Phone Store. It stands out through the fact you can turn off the torch by blowing into the phone, like a candle.



Also, this app features an SOS mode, with both acoustic and visual signals, in case you want to ask for help. Then there’s a Batman inspired signal and tiles to pin to the screen in order to activate the Bat Signal whenever needed. Users who don’t have a flash can use the screen of their phone for torch purposes.

The app includes a blinking mode, more than 10 custom tiles and the ability to flash with a single tap. It has a battery sensor and its maker claims this app offers 20% better performance than all the other flashlight apps out there. Reviews are positive right now, with an average of 4.5 stars out of 5.


via wmpoweruser

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