A Concept Phones tipster has recently informed them that Apple is apparently trying to get hold of the swiftmobile domain, probably related to a new product they’ll be launching soon. We instantly thought “new iPhone”, although the Apple iSwift isn’t that nice of a name, come to think about it…

Would you buy an iPhone 4G called the iSwift? To be honest this sounds more like software to me, or a suite of productivity programmes. There’s always that rumour concerning an even bigger tablet from Apple, one with a 12 inch screen. iSwift? Considering the “mobile” part of the domain this is certainly no iMac or iPod…

[via Concept Phones]

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  • Anonymous

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  • nura

    when is the iphone 4g coming out? i would like to buy onee?

  • Rob

    serious??? This would not be a phone. Apple has a huge department for ergonomics and with an ear piece in this location, this makes no sense. However, and a big however, this does look like a multi touch keyboard that would not only be used in typing applications, but would also have the capability of customization of quick links to apps.

    This would be a rather revolutionary product… In time.

    The only downside is that there is a feel to typing that would not be produced and people would have to “re-learn” how to type on it. This would be similar to the natural keyboards form the 90's.

  • Frank Drake

    hahahahahaha, look the size of that shit. jajajajajajajaja. nice fake!

  • Lesley_m98

    i know such retarded ppl would fall 4 this crap

  • Nick Jonas

    can u by it ?!

  • Dantiesxurs

    Well I would buy one to leave at home every day.

  • Madelyn

    total fake

  • steven piece of ishit

    this is ipad u dumbass and its a piece of shit

  • Olivianicholl1

    i would love an app that can a picture of some one dance now that would be cool

  • Seshkumar

    If i purchase a Apple iphone 4g with AT&T connection .. can i unlock it and use any SIM card … (AIRTEL,VODAFONE)

  • Shahzainkhan

    it lovly man