Motorola has become an interesting brand recently, specially thanks to its cool handset design, creating devices like the Backflip and MOTOSPLIT, pictured below. This handset was leaked back in January and now we learn a stunning fact about this Android smartphone: its QWERTY keyboard incorporates touchscreen keys.


An Android Community source mentioned that MOTOSPLIT comes with a two way sliding, split keyboard and each key can change its function. These keys have no tactile feedback, according to the same sources and it seems that their cutouts are finger friendly, being able to contour the shape of a standard finger.

Beneath the cutouts resides a low res monochrome touchscreen display, allowing the keys’ functions to be changed at any time. A kickstand is also on board of the handset and we learn that its keypad works both in standard landscape layout, but also a dial pad layout. If you’re wondering about specs, MOTOSPLIT is very much like the Backflip.

Expect it to go live in Q3 2010, via AT&T and more info about it to surface soon.

[via androidcommunity]

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