WiFi Remote Access is a free app that allows you to explore the content on your handset running Windows Mobile, directly from your PC. It’s all done via a WiFi connection and without requiring any installation of software on your computer.


You’ll just need to open a web browser, write the IP of the phone (shown on its screen) and then browse through data, images and music on the handset. The app also supports file transfer from the PC to the handset and you’ll even be able to view images, listen to music on the computer and more, through the same interface.

The phone software also comes with a bunch of registry editors, for folks who like to tweak the settings on their Windows Mobile devices. If you use Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 and run Windows XP/ Vista/ Win 7, you’ll be able to browse the images through a 3D XBAP interface or WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation).

WiFi Remote Access 1.5 beta can be downloaded from here and extra details about the app are available here.

[via mobilissimo.ro]

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