On March 26th, Apple received a pretty interesting patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office. This invention covers a really unusual approach, more precisely a reinvented package for tech products. By using such a package on the future devices, Apple will let users to set up a new device while is still sealed in the box.



This Smart Packaging can assist the user in performing personalization of a new smartphone or tablet while is still in the box at the store. At the moment, when we’re buying a new product we expect to arrive home and make our personalized settings, copy contacts or login into our accounts.


According to the patent documents, there’s a information exchange between the packaged device and a user device. Through this function, the setup of the new product can happen. In the package will be included a “Tap Here” label that will trigger the information exchange. This is a great idea and Apple will relieve us from doing this later. Basically, we’re going home with our personal configured smartphone straight from the store.

via: tablet-news.com

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