Although Apple didn’t sell as many iPods or Macs as they would have expected during the holiday season, the iPhone performed quite neatly, greatly surpassing rivals like the T-Mobile G1. In fact, the iPhone sold six times better than the G1, at least on the US market.



According to Morgan Stanley’s latest study, T-Mobile USA sold about 300.00 G1 units from October, when the device was launched, till the end of 2008. Meanwhile, Apple managed to sell no less than 1.75 million iPhone 3G units through AT&T, 5.9 times more than their rivals.

The explanation of this difference is quite basic: the iPhone’s been around for a longer time and it’s quite a famous handset, plus it had the whole quarter available, while the G1 started its sales in October and they barely took off as months passed. Also, AT&T has a huge subscriber base and a pretty hot 3G network (covering 300 urban areas), while T-Mobile covers 25 urban areas with its high speed network.

You should also remember that the T-Mobile G1 is only sold in Great Britain and the US, while the iPhone is available in over 70 countries from all over the world.

[via uberphones]

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