Apple has invented a new break and shock resistant sapphire cover glass for iPhones and iPads, that is meant to increase their resilience. Also, if you noticed the Sport Collection version of the Apple Watch is already using this technology, through something called Ion-X glass, that has been patented by the company.



The strengthening process was discovered by Patently Apple in an August report that covered the patent pending invention. This week there was a similar discovery in Europe, that involved strengthening sapphire glass for larger displays used on future iDevices. Resilience is a big topic nowadays, especially when it comes to Apple, considering their recent bendgate scandal. Apple notes in its official documents that a layer thickness in the range of 1% to 2% of the substrate thickness will offer advantages for the shock absorption.

The impact and hit resistance of a sapphire plate will be increased, as found during standardized experiments. Such tests include a steel ball that weighs half a kilo being dropped onto the plate from a height of 1/3 meters. There’s also a bending or breaking test afterwards. The shock absorbing layer has been found to be satisfactory in the process. Will the Cupertino giant hurry up and use this tech on the controversial iPhone 6 Plus or wait for future versions?

via patentlyapple

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