The Korea Economic Daily reports that Apple has signed a deal with Samsung, that will supply it yet again with chips, in spite of rumors that TSMC was the new Apple partner in this area.



The new CPU we’re talking about here is the Apple A9 with a 14 nanometer process and a schedule associated with 2015. This means the CPU would be the brain of the iPhone 7, or the next handset that Apple decides to launch in the latter half of 2015, according to the same report. Just weeks ago Apple was said to have signed a deal with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, a deal that covers 3 year and theoretically would also cover the A9.

Of course, we could see a similar treatment to the one of the displays, with LG Display, Samsung Display and Sharp supplying panels. However, with CPUs it’s more complicated, since Samsung has been the exclusive maker of the Apple A series CPUs for iOS devices and they’ve got the expertise. However, Apple has been reducing orders from Samsung, so something is brewing…

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