VirnetX is an Internet security software company, that has been awarded $368.2 million after suing Apple for its FaceTime service/apps, that infringes on their patents. Now the same company has filed another suit against the Cupertino company, involving new products in the mess.


They’re addressing 4 new patents this time, that involve the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and the latest generations of the iPod Touch and the iPad, plus the latest Macintosh computers. Because of the recent release of said products, they couldn’t be included in the trial from November 6th 2012, said VirnetX. The firm is looking for damages and injunctive relief yet again. VirnetX has a history of winning big against big companies, so we’re not surprised to hear Microsoft had to pay up $200 million back in 2010 for infringing patents regarding a virtual private network technology used in the Windows and Office communication products.

VirnetX is also battling it out with Cisco and Avaya right now and it has licensing agreements with many more firms, like NEC or Mitel, a phone systems maker. If they keep this up they’ll become Apple’s new nemesis, replacing Samsung…

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