Apple seems to have been planning a tablet launch ever since 2007, since they’ve acquired the domain name back then. This means that the device will have said domain associated, unless we’re mistaking.



The story is quite interesting: the domain was purchased by Eurobox Ltd. in October 2004, then reaching the folks of Data Docket, Inc. in 2006 and next being owned by in 2007. This last company usually handles domain purchases for great companies, like Apple.

Thus, important brands hide their identity behind sites like these, so we can never know who really makes the purchase. In this case, Apple was shown as the owner of the domain for a few weeks in 2007, but the ownership info was switched back to MarkMonitor, as shown by MacRumors recently.

At this time, the site points nowhere, but this is bound to change once the tablet goes loose (in January?).

[via Tablet News]

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