One of the main reasons for Apple choosing to take the way of the Court with some of the top handset manufacturers on the market is their innovations in terms of iOS interface. Lately the Giant has started patenting most of its technologies for obvious reasons.


It’s over a week since Apple won the patent for the unlock method implemented in their iOS devices. It’s one of the reason that made Samsung loose the battle and was forced to pay a very large sum to cover what Apple demanded in Court. One other thing that was patented is the original design of the Apple iPhone, from the first to the last version brought to the market last year. Now it looks like Apple is preparing to take another step towards innovation  As is currently the case some of the fans have declared themselves disappointed with the lack of innovation from Apple’s side, in terms especially of the OS and apps designed for it.

This year Apple is expected to launch another smartphone in their iPhone line-up. It is also rumored that the manufacturer may announce a new version of the iPad Mini along with a new Retina Display fully featured iPad tablet. Towards improving what they offer, Apple has patented a new method of unlocking its devices. It refers to users having to identify an object or objects in an image that will be displayed on the scree. Object based implementations for security we’ve seen before. What we don’t know is what Apple will make out of it to call it original. We may just see it with a new device this year in fall.

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