The whole theory surrounding the Apple TV set came to life when the Steve Jobs biography came out and the Apple guru mentioned towards the end of his life that he had “cracked the code” and figured out television in the purest Apple way. Now, we have another confirmation that the television set is real, straight from the Foxconn boss, Terry Gou.


Foxconn is the hardware maker that handles the production of iPads and iPhones, so they’re the most certain source of info on the new product. Gou confirmed the TV set and we have info that the device will bring a high definition screen, most likely on Retina Display level, an aluminium case, Siri voice control and FaceTime videocalls. While all of those were speculated before, this time we know that the product is real, unless the Foxconn chief spoke out of turn.

It appears that Sharp is also on board with this idea and helping Foxconn out, most likely with the displays. Gou also mentioned that development and manufacturing hasn’t started yet, which sounds a bit odd, considering he seems pretty sure about the details of the product. I sure would like to see Apple commenting on the matter, but maybe they’ll let the product do the talking at WWDC 2012 next month…

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