It appears that the homeland of watches can’t welcome the prestigious Apple Watch when it launches later this month, because of a trademark. Strangely enough, Apple can’t use its own name and logo in Switzerland.



It all goes back to a trademark owned by William Longe, that dates from 1985 and applies to luxury products, watches and anything with precious metal on them. It includes the logo and the name “Apple” and there seems to be no way around it. The patent will finish on December 5th this year, so Apple may have to delay its launch in this country.

The Apple Watch debuts in 9 countries on April 24th, in a variety of versions including one adorned with gold and priced over $10,000. This is not the first time when Apple clashed with Swiss firms regarding patents, since back in the days of iOS 6.0, the interface of its clock app was very similar to the styling of the Swiss Railways clock. It was all settled with $21 million then…

via patentlyapple

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