A while ago we found out that Apple discovered a new material that lets wireless signal to get through without loosing or drop the strength, material that would made those unesthetic plastic antennas on the iPhone to disappear.. Even if we had big hopes that such a case to be used on Apple’s upcoming phone called iPhone 6s, it seems that we’ll have to wait longer for this to happen.

Carcasa iPhone 6s (8)

This information is unveiled by a couple of leaked photos of the iPhone 6s case, a metallic body that looks just the same as the one from the iPhone 6, without changes when it comes to size or design. Also, the position of ports, speaker and microphone remain the same.

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However, according to 9to5mac.com, even if iPhone 6s will looks the same as the actual phone sold in Apple Stores, inside its case we’ll have some big improvements. Is expected that iPhone 6s to bring a 12-megapixel rear camera, a new front-facing sensor and also another CPU.

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In the same time, Apple could make us a surprise and bring a bigger battery and a Full HD resolution for the 4.7 inch display. The only good thing about Apple keeping the design on the iPhone 6s, is the fact that all the current cases will match. Will you upgrade to the new iPhone in Fall?

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via: 9to5mac.com 


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