Archos is preparing a fresh batch of tablets, part of the Generation 8 series and coming to the market in the following 2 months. They include devices with screen diagonals ranging from 2.8 inches to 10 inches and prices that go from $100 to $350. Of course, the products are available unlocked and free of contract.


The new tablets run Android 2.2, use ARM Cortex A8 processors and support OpenGL 3D acceleration. The most famous product of the Generation 8 series is the Archos 32 8 GB, with a $149 price tag and the potential to rival the iPod Touch. It features a 3.2 inch display, with a 400 x 240 pixel resolution, composite video out and support for lots of audio and video codecs.

WiFi and Bluetooth are also on board, but we’re having doubts about the Android Market support on this gizmo.

[via Tablet News]

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