Yesterday we were letting you know that Asus has announced its hottest device yet, the P565 smartphone with an incredible 800 MHz processor. Now we’ve got two neat comparison videos that show the true power of the Asus device’s CPU versus the one of a HTC Touch Diamond smartphone. Vsbenchmark can be seen in action below and you’ll notice that Asus P565 scores almost double the amount of its rival:

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  • Advice

    This is not fact. The touch diamond performs very well with video. The special video ability with the qualcomm processor need to be utilized by the program. Since neither that benchmark or the video player use it then it’s not really a factual comparison. Use CorePlayer on the diamond and test it again. How much power does the 800mhz processor drain?

  • imfloflo

    Why can't read HTC logo ? BUt only ASUS….

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  • The video performance proves its fully function with the system