Asus P835 Galaxy 7 was just a newcomer to us all till now, but have just unveiled a couple of new photos of the smartphone and extra information on it. Galaxy 7 is the same size as HTC Max 4G and the iPhone and it comes with a hot 3.5 display that supports a 800 x 480 pixels resolution.



The new Asus handset also incorporates 256 MB RAM, 256 MB Flash, 4 GB of on board storage space and a microSD slot. There’s also a 5 megapixel camera on the specs list and a disappointment, its processor, just a 528 Mhz Qualcomm MS7200A CPU. Passing to the exterior, you’ll notice that the build quality is great, as Galaxy 7 features metal, soft touch plastic and leather.

Asus’ Glide interface is also present on the smartphone, as a decent rival for HTC’s TouchFLO 3D and the device is quite responsive. We’ll see Asus P835 on the market in Q1 2009, or maybe Q2, worst case scenario, for a yet unknown price.


[via wmpoweruser]

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