ASUS may be bringing to MWC 2015 a new wearable, in the form of an ASUS VivoWatch, or so we assume, judging by a fresh leak. It would appear that the device got its Bluetooth certification recently.

asus vivowatch

It’s mentioned as the ASUS VivoWatch HC-A01 and it’s interesting to see the Vivo brand expanding from tablets to watches. If I’m not mistaking ASUS also has a Vivo Windows 8 tablet or two, so is possible to suppose this watch will come with a wearable flavor of Windows? Odds are that it either runs ASUS software or maybe Android Wear.

Anyway, the product is expected to come at MWC 2015, with health features, like a heart rate sensor, pedometer and sleep data tracker. We expect an impressive design, as usual from ASUS. MWC will be interesting this year, wearable-wise, since Huawei also has 3 new smartwatches prepared, from what we’ve heard.

via blogofmobile