ASUS just posted an interesting teaser picture on its Twitter account, that seems to indicate the upcoming launch of a smartwatch. There’s IFA 2014 in the mix, and a beautiful quote about time and transformation. That’s pretty much a clue about the smartwatch…


asus smartwatch teaser

We have absolutely no info about the product, aside from this image, so let’s dissect it. We seem to be dealing with a watch that sports a metallic edge of sorts and that doesn’t adopt the round format of the Moto 360 or the squared one of the Samsung watches. It’s somewhere in between, with straight edges and curved “corners”. Android Wear is most likely on board and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this smartwatch taken apart from its belt and integrated into a smartphone.

It could also become a part of a future PadFone, for charging purposes, but I’m only speculating now. Fitness should be a big focus on this model, so I expect both waterproofing and a heart rate sensor to make the cut. A comfy belt, some partnerships with the likes of RunKeeper and we’re all set! It would also be nice if ASUS launched a fitness service…

Via ASUS Twitter

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