AT&T is now done with testing Windows Phone 7 and will release its update on some devices on April 19, according to winrumors. We’re talking about the NoDo update here, so Mango hopefuls are out of luck this time. The info about the update comes from an internal email to the support personnel of the carrier.


LG Quantum and Samsung Focus are the smartphones meant for this upgrade, while HTC Surround will get it later, most likely in mid-May. The internal memo at AT&T mentions a first install of the Maintenance Release (7008) software, allowing the device to accept the NoDo update (7309). Customers will get notifications ahead of the release, letting them know about the update.

The most important feature brought by Nodo is the Copy/Paste functionality and AT&T is claiming that some extra features exclusive to the carrier will be included.

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