Ever since IFA 2015 Sony has been by itself on the market of smartphones with uber high screen resolution, since it launched the 4K display Xperia Z5 Premium model. Now there’s a new player, the BenQ F55, that just leaked via the Red Dot Design Award site.


Sadly we don’t have many details about the product, other than what you see for yourselves. The handset has a metallic shell, with narrow screen bezels and a very big circular portion made of metal, surrounding the camera. There’s a “live streaming” logo printed at the bottom, below the screen, meaning this device will be excellent for streaming video.


BenQ F55 has a “4k2k display”, and “60 FPS motion photography capabilities”, according to leaks. The body is said to have a concentric shape chassis and a “delicate metallic design”. This is where all the details stop, but I imagine there’s a strong CPU inside, perhaps the Snapdragon 820 and 4 GB of RAM or more.


via liliputing.com