The trend of smartphone diagonal growth is said to continue in 2015, as the average screen size of smartphones will pass 5 inches. This prediction applies to the China market, according to local company Ʃintell, a consulting firm.


The average screen size of smartphones available in China has increases from 3.24 inches in 2011 to 3.74 inches in 2012 and then last year to 4.22 inches. In 2014 it got to 4.6 inches and next year to more than 5 inches. Global production capacity of smartphone panels for 2015 is said to be at 25.733 million square meters, growing by 27.3% on year, apparently. China produced over 200 million 3 inch and above panels in the first half 2014, reaching a share of 33%.

Handset production in China between the January and August time frame reached 1.123 billion units. It could go to 1.7 billion by the end of the year, a 13% increase on yea compared to the 25.8% one in 2013. Smartphone shipments in China will grow 26.9% compared to 2013 this year, reaching 420 million units. That’s a serious decrease of growth, compared to the 93.5% growth in 2013.

via Digitimes