Consider us old-fashioned, but we thought that BlackBerry OS was all about business… another sign that the fine line between consumer and business products has been blurred even further is the soundtrack of the presentation video below. Here’s BlackBerry OS 6.0… Boom! Boom! Boom:

We’ve discussed the new OS here, when the first screenshots leaked and if you’re wondering, the video above was shown during the Wireless Enterprise Symposium. This is RIM’s special event, that took off yesterday, with the announcement of two handsets: BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G.

Back to BlackBerry OS 6.0, we know that the platform comes with a new browser, complete with a fresh UI, tab switching, multitouch, a new media player, better navigation, kinetic scrolling, pinch to zoom, an enhanced message inbox, built in RSS feeds, a more useful homescreen and tons of customization options. You also get modal popups, icon groups, a photo app rivalling the iPhone and a release date of the OS scheduled for June or July.


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