How soon? One might ask, after investing all his feelings and hopes into BlackBerry’s first touchscreen device… While most of you probably got fooled by that special invitation sent by Verizon, today is the big day, when you get to call the Big Red and pre-order your Storm unit. However, those of you not drawn to the new BlackBerry, might take their time and check out the Omnia handset that Verizon will start selling…soon.

Turns out that Samsung Omnia IS coming to Verizon Wireless, as yet another iPhone rival, this time with Windows Mobile 6.1. Many comparisons and reviews have shown that Omnia is actually better than Apple’s phone in almost all categories, so this will be a hot Christmas gift if you haven’t pre-ordered the Storm already.

The Samsung smartphone comes with a 5 megapixel camera with video recording support, full HTML browsing and an expansive touchscreen. More info on BlackBerry Storm can be found here.

[via Engadget and]

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