Nokia announced yesterday that it has selected 9 mobile app developers from Asia, Europe and the Americas, which will join the 2008 Forum Nokia Innovation Series program. Among the varied applications there are mobile voice reminders, data protection and device security solutions, navigational software and Flash content for sales and marketing.

The developers that reached this stage have passed multiple hurdles and a tough selection process, that included reviews and presentations of the apps’ features and functions with the aid of focus groups. The chosen companies had to demonstrate the utility of their software and the benefits it brings to the average user.

Each of the resulting services and applications will be showcashed as video demos via video sharing sites. Here’s the list of developers and their products:

Application: Voice Reminder
Developer:  One View Systems Pvt. Ltd., Trivandrum, India

Application: Maverick Secure Mobile
Developer:  Maverick Mobile Solutions, Maharashtra, India

Application: Total NAVI(TM)
Developer:  Navitime Japan Co, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan

Application: WaveSecure
Developer:  tenCube, Singapore

Application: Mobi Screen Maker
Developer:  Moket Pty Ltd., Brisbane, Australia

Application: Kuneri Lite
Developer:  Kuneri, Oulu, Finland

Application: Adtronic
Developer:  Liquid Air Lab, Stuttgart, Germany

Application: Mobiola Webcam and Video Studio
Developer:  Shape Services, Stuttgart, Germany

Application: WHERE
Developer:  uLocate Communications, Boston, Massachusetts

[Thanks Michael Tangeman for the tip]