Does JiaYu G3 mean anything to you? Guess not, but apparently it should, since the BlackBerry Z10 handset has supposedly copied its design. We know this sounds a bit strange, but the Chinese phone company behind the JiaYu G3 is accusing RIM of copying its beloved design. And we have the pics below to show that.



The idea of RIM stealing a design from a small Chinese company sounds absurd and with a quick glance at the devices you’ll see that the supposedly copied phone is not that similar. It has capacitive buttons at the bottom, a different color scheme and it’s not rounded at the corners, plus slightly sharpened at the top and bottom. This is an Android smartphone launched in mid-2012 and we’ve never even heard of it till today.

China’s phone makers are famous for replicating famous devices BEFORE they are launched, unbelievable as that may seem. Leaks and prototypes inevitably reach them so they can create the iPhone 6 and Galaxy Nexus 2 even before those are in stores. Could they have gotten their hands on a BlackBerry 10 OS prototype many months ago and copied it ahead of launch? We know it sounds absurd, but that’s how the game is today…



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