Blockbuster and Microsoft have announced a joint initiative that will bring video content to your mobile phone and other portable devices. The movie rental company wants to use Microsoft’s Live Mesh data sync platform in order to allow users to get content whenever and wherever they want.


Blockbuster CIO, Keith Morrow said, in an interview with The Dallas Morning News, that at some point customers will be able to view any movie they want, on any device that has a display and Internet connection. The technology would also prove useful in airports, where tourists will be able to download Blockbuster movies on their media players with the aid of special kiosks.

This is not the first time the movie retail chain has pulled a move like this, as in January 2008, Blockbuster CEO Jim Keyes stated that the company was working on a microSD chip, that allowed customers to sideload digital video content on portable devices.

[fiercemobilecontent via Intomobile]

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