Remember the Samsung Galaxy S III burnt unit that was pictured on the web recently? Well, turns out hat it wasn’t the handset’s fault, but rather the one of an external heat source, most likely a microwave. Samsung cited a report by fire investigators saying that an external energy source caused the fire.


The incident happened in Ireland and set the Internet on flames, everyone criticizing the overheating of the handset, that’s actually not a real problem in every day use. The latest Galaxy S model was launched in Europe in late May and in USA last month. It all started when a Dublin consumer posted photos and comments on a website last month, saying his Galaxy S III had exploded while mounted on the car dashboard. He said that while driving he was stunned by a white flame, sparks and a bang out of the phone.

Samsung got in touch with FI-UK, British provider of consultancy services for fires and explosions and tried to determine the cause of the fire. Samsung said that the authority got several Galaxy S III models from them, for testing, including the burnt unit. It was impossible to reproduce the exact damage with the phone by itself, but it could only be done by placing the devices of components parts in a domestic microwave. What people forgot to read when attacking Samsung was that the handset was actually dropped into water and then dried… possibly using a microwave. How crazy is that?

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