Although we could have sworn that mobile ads were more clickable than non-mobile ones, a recent Chitika study shows that mobile phone users are less likely to click on ads than those using Internet on desktop devices. The research is based on a sample of 92 million impressions.



Chitika provides advertising solutions for over 55,000 sites, but only in the non-mobile segment, although it reaches an impressive 2 billion monthly impressions. Statistics show that 1.3 million of these came from mobile browsing, of the 92 million mentioned above. For a more accurate study, the ads shown on handsets are the same with the ones shown to non-mobile users.

The analysis shows that mobile ad click-through reached 0.48%, compared to the non-mobile 0.83% performance. Of the major software platforms (iPhone OS, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Android and BlackBerry OS), Apple’s solution performed the worst, as far as ad click-throughs are concerned (a 0.30% rate).

[via Techcrunch]

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