We’re as close to the iPhone 5 launch as it gets and we’re not even a month away from the big debut moment, if all recent speculations are real. Thus, it’s time for the major carriers’ employees to start the training sessions for iOS 5 and the new iPhone. And that’s exactly what they’re doing this weekend.

One anonymous AT&T employee mentioned that this weekend the carrier started some training sessions in North California, to accustom employees to iOS 5. The good news here is that this year most major carriers will debut the handset, including AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and maybe even T-Mobile. Considering the number of people that will be trained this weekend, it’s highly likely that one of them will decided to take a picture of the iPhone 5 and maybe post it online.

Fingers crossed for that, although it could mean the end of a career for an AT&T employee or two. Training details are scarce right now, but the bottom line is getting people to know and like the new iPhone and OS… Keep your eyes on Flickr and Twitter these days, since an iPhone 5 picture leak is bound to happen.

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