There’s a new concept phone in town, branded Samsung and known as Clover, a modular device made out of recycled material. The handset is a customizable phone that uses 4 module interfaces, in order to be upgraded with the latest tech.


Clover was designed in cooperation with Samsung Corp Milano and it uses the above-mentioned modules for vision, location sound and sensor features. There’s a PLCD at the back of the prototype, that can go from opaque to transparent depending on the intensity of the juice levels.

Clover also has room for add-ons, like a LCD and electronics sensors.



[via gizmowatch]

  • faten baassiri

    this phone was just an academic project between domus academy and samsung. this was published without the approval of both institutions and without the consent of the designers. if not removed immediately, legal actions will be taken.
    faten baassiri