If you want to access the bulk of the functions on your smartphone via the PC, there’s an app called AirDroid that you may be interested in. In order to use it you’ll have to use a smartphone and PC that rely on the same wireless network.


All you need to do is download the app on the handset, start it and you’ll see an address and password. Insert that on the PC browser and login with that password and you’re all set. There’s a nice UI available and all the options one could dream of available and handy. We have real time info about the phone shown here, stuff like battery level, GSM or WiFi signal strength, available storage and more. Even the texts and calls can be accessed through this UI and you can even answer the texts, a very cool feature.

The media playback is supported as well, so you can listen to your favourite songs on the phone easily and move pics and other files, if you want. You can also control apps by uninstalling them, installing or exporting .APK files. AirDroid is in beta phase and there were no glitches found just yet. All you need is patience if you want to copy a large amount of data. You can download AirDroid from here.

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