This time we’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S III leak that includes a ruler placed next to the phone. Said ruler allows us to calculate some of its measurements. The pic was posted online by source Knowyourmobile and as you can see the rounded form factor of the past days has been kept and the Home button is there as well.


Over the past weeks, the screen size of the latest Galaxy S model has been changing in rumors, from 4.65 inches to 4.7 or 4.8 inches. We’ll know for sure what the real one is on May 3rd, when Samsung has a launch event scheduled in London. According to the image above the handset measures 130mm, but if you look closer the zero market of the ruler is a bit above the lower end of the device. So, we’re dealing with a 135mm long handset with a 10.5 mm tall display and a width of 5.9 cm.

This means that the diagonal should be around 12 cm, translated to 4.74, about the same size as the diagonal of the HTC One X. All of these calculations are strictly based on the ruler placed next to the phone and we have no idea if the image is real or not, although it looks pretty genuine. Other things confirmed so far are the quad core Exynos CPU on board and the name Galaxy S III…

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