LG has just launched its very own cloud service, predictably called LG Cloud, for now in beta phase. The service is the perfect way to share photos, music and video between devices in the same LG ecosystem. These include PCs, smartphones, TVs and tablets.

The appeal here comes from the 3D devices that are able to capture 3D content and show in on the screens of tridimensional TVs. LG Cloud goes against the iCloud and the rumored service that Samsung is supposed to be preparing under the S-Cloud moniker. The service brings real time transcoding, that makes content playable in the ideal format for the device it’s shared to. You get a free account with 2GB of space from LG and the company also offers 5GB for free for new buyers of LG devices and the first 6 months will also give them 50GB of storage.

LG will at some point also offer extra storage for pay, but the price haven’t been unveiled just yet. The service is in free beta mode at first and it will be available starting May 1st in South Korea and the USA, with a wider launch following in the first half of 2013. Native clients are limited right now to Android 2.2 or newer handsets, Windows XP and Windows 7, but there’s also a web interface compatible with most devices on the market.