Well, this is a story that may interest all of you: a hands on picture of the LG Nexus 2015 was making the rounds on the interwebs over the past days and now word is out that it may be a fake. Why? Because all of a sudden a Nokia Lumia device with the same design popped up. And the discussion went to Reddit…



There are two versions here: either someone Photoshopped the Nokia into an LG or they edited the LG Nexus 5 2015 into a Nokia. The core of the story was to get the person behind the LG leak discredited. However, further edits revealed a clear LG logo even hidden within the Nokia picture. Still, there are doubts surrounding both images, since a skilled Photoshopper could have edited out the Nokia, Pureview and Zeiss logos and added the fingerprint scanner.

Other clues, like the phone being at an angle and the Nokia logo being straight point everything to the direction of the LG leak being legit. And then someone edited this thing into a Sony Xperia to make things more complicated on Reddit. Jpeg error analysis has pointed out that the device on the right has been more edited, so for now the verdict is that the Lumia isn’t legit and the LG may just be closer to the truth…


via Reddit

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