If you’re a OnePlus One owner in India, you’re probably wonder what the future of your software is. Right now everybody knows that the OnePlus One can’t get the latest CyanogenMod update, since Micromax the exclusive deal with Cyanogen locally… Today we learn more about that!



The company put online a blog post, saying that all global devices would get updates, but a new post actually expands that notion. The final word is this: the Indian phones WILL NOT get updates and we really wanted to point that out, since all the news outlets were vague when it came to this topic. OnePlus is already working on its own ROM, with it shipping early next year, so don’t worry about that.

Their software will be based on Lollipop, so it’s as fresh as they come. Interestingly enough, there’s a bit of a way around the lack of updates for OnePlus One models in India. Apparently, only the regional models won’t get the update, while the ones bought from other countries, global models will get them without problems. The question is: which models are considered global and which regional? Is regional more than just India, does it include neighboring countries?

via Android Police

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