La Stampa has a very interesting piece of article on cyber adultery, a phenomenon that’s spread and evolved more than you think. You should only take into account the very complicated “ritual” of erasing your traces of digital flirt and cyber adultery after chatting with a potential lover for years.



Changed nicknames, codenames, avoiding to have the “loved one” comment on your many profile, labelling his/her emails as work related stuff and whatnot. Cyber lovers have started hiding, as if they were terrorists and meanwhile cheating husbands are spotted by their wives with the aid of Google Street View.

Also, spy phones are very trendy gadgets, that are easy to purchase from any accessory/electronics store, without ever having to worry about privacy breach or any other similar issues. Even modern handsets have features that make them perfect candidates for spying on your partner. Are we becoming more paranoid or simply less faithful?

[via La Stampa]

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