As you might already know, Steve Jobs is on the board of directors at Disney, so it’s strange to see the company launching an Android phone. This will happen in Japan and the device is a rebranded Sharp Galapagos 003SH, with some pretty appealing specifications.


This is a 3D device we’re talking about, with a display showing tridimensional images, without requiring special glasses. Once you purchase this Disney Phone, you’ll also get a Disney e-mail address, customized cases and exclusive content. Its specs are also hot: 1GHz CPU, 9.6MP camera and 1Seg OTA TV, plus wireless payment support.

Android 2.2 is running the show on the Disney product and sales should start in February. Its release in the US is unlikely, especially under the Disney brand. Will Steve Jobs have something to say about this matter? What do you think?

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