Remember the unlock tool for Windows Phone 7, created by ChevronWP7 and released on November? Well, after announcing a patch for that hole in the OS, Microsoft decided to meet with the team behind this software, that tricked the OS into allowing homebrew apps on it.


Microsoft officials met with Rafael Rivera and Long Zheng, members of the ChevronWP7 team, in order to discuss a potential implementation of homebrew software support on WP7. We remind you that the Redmond giant usually charges $99 a year for loading developer apps onto a Windows Phone 7 device, so the tool created by ChevronWP7 could have spoiled their plans.

The team of coders chose not to fight MS last year and pulled their app after only two weeks from its release. Homebrew development on Windows Phone 7 sounds like someone’s scared of Android and its growing community and huge number of customized ROMs. Now let’s what the first update of the mobile OS brings and then we’ll talk…

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