Vizio Inc. is a brand better known for their budget flat-panel TVs, but now they’re planning on expanding to the handset and tablet market, according to WSJ. This company has its HQ in California and recently announced that it’ll develop its first mobile phone, that will be known as the Via Phone and can be seen in the image below.

What’s really interesting is that this Android device will be developed by Nokia specialists, that were hired by Vizio. The info comes from Matthew McRae, Vizio’s CTO, quoted by WSJ: “Mr. McRae said it hired mobile specialists from Nokia Corp. and other device manufacturers to gain the necessary expertise”.

The Via Phone will feature a 4 inch screen, a front videocall camera and a 5MP cam at the back with the ability to shoot video. Meanwhile, the Vizio slate will be called the Via Tablet and it’ll sport an 8 inch high-res display. WiFi connectivity will also be on board, together with 3 speakers and a front camera.

Can this mean that there’s finally a connection between Nokia and Android, considering that its former employees are now playing with Google’s mobile OS?

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