Chinese device maker HOMTOM has just announced a smartphone that seems to have a tablet’s battery. We’re talking about the HOMTHOM HT6, that in spite of having a 5.5 inch screen, brings a 6250 mAh Li-Ion battery.


homtom 1

The product is pictured above and it’s expected to arrive in September, with a yet unknown price. This model has a pretty slim body, at 9.9 mm, considering the big capacity battery inside. There are even some 7 and 8 inch tablets out there that don’t have as much juice! The HT6 brings a quad core MediaTek MT6735 processor, 4G LTE connectivity, a 5.5 inch 720p display and a Sony 13 MP camera with dual LED flash.

homtom 2

There’s a 5 MP selfie shooter also in the mix, plus 16 GB of storage. The surprising fact here is that this model also gets a special MediaTek Pump Express Plus fast charge technology. It’s able to juice up the phone to 75% in just 30 minutes, which is incredibly for such a capacity. It’s true that it surpasses the usual voltage and amperage, reaching 5V 3A. The handset runs Android 5.1 and has a partially metallic design.

Can’t wait to see it priced!

homtom 3

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