Not to be surpassed by OnePlus, DOOGEE has announced the F3 handset, that comes with bamboo or wooden back covers. Even the company itself states that they want to compete with OnePlus 2 through these material choices.


doogee f3 1

The handset is quite good looking, as seen in the pictures integrated within the article. Obviously, OnePlus didn’t invent this trend, since Moto X, Nubia Z9 Mini and Xiaomi Note had wooden backs before them. DOOGEE F3 is dubbed a flagship here and comes with a choice of glass, bamboo and ebony for the back side. The company’s representatives claim that they’re using the same factory as OnePlus to make these backs.

The material was cut into slices with a thickness of 1 mm or less, with the margin of error being just 0.05 mm. DOOGEE F3 in wood and bamboo comes in at $169.99, in the presale version. Hopefully we’ll also learn more about specs…

doogee f3 2

doogee f3 3

doogee f3 5

doogee f3 4

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