DOOM was already available on Palm Pre and the iPhone, with a bunch of hacking around and emulating to do, but we weren’t completely satisfied with the gaming experience, till now. A couple of folks from WebOS-Internals managed to mess with the code and take advantage of webOS 1.3.5, allowing the game to function, based on hardware acceleration.


ZSoc, Destinal and Rod Whitby are the guys to take the credit for the great way the title runs on Palm Pre now. Also, hardware acceleration is now supported on the handset thanks to the existence of the OpenGL ES files and the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL). These findings were made by hackers messing with the webOS 1.3.5 open source packages, that lead them to create a new release of DOOM for Palm Pre.

This version doesn’t require Debian and DirectFB to work and it also plays neatly with LunaSysMgr. Aside from getting hardware acceleration, DOOM is also able to minimize in card view, but not everything is done yet, since there’s no icon in the launcher and the launch is done via Terminal, but this is a pretty big evolution from what we saw on Pre till now.

[via precentral]

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