The folks of have a pretty neat guide, showing you what to do in case you drop your handset in water. Worst case scenario, you’ll drop it in your toilet or the sewer, but there are times when you can pick up the device from a puddle and resuscitate it. Find out how to save the device, after the break:

Among the things to do first is getting the device out the liquid, even if its means pulling it out from the toilet. Afterwards, you’ll have to turn the phone off, instead of checking if it works or making calls. Next, you should take the device apart, specially separating the battery, SIM card and memory tick.

If the handset landed in water, you can pat the components with a warm towel, but if you’re dealing with a sticky liquid, mud or salt water, you’ll need to clean them a bit with water (a very little bit). The essential is not to get sugar or salt inside the components! Next up is the drying part, either by using a radiator, an airing cupboard stint or… rice.

This works if the phone is soaked and you have to cover it with uncooked rice, in order to absorb the water naturally. 24 hours will be needed for a full dry out. Hairdryer and cookers are no-nos in this situation, since they’ll further damage the handset. That’s about it folks! Use with wisdom and share the info!