If you’re following Elephone‘s Facebook page, then you should you a lot of teasers posted here. Today, the Chinese company reveals another teaser on the social platform, teaser accompanied by a couple of interesting pictures. What’s more interesting is the phone prepared, one that looks pretty different compared to other models from its portfolio.


As you can see from pictures, this upcoming Elephone device comes in a special uni-body metallic case and leather insertions. These elements in combination with the black front-facing panel manage to offer a great effect in terms of device. The rear cover that seems to be glued to the phone, has a special draw on it, one that remembers of a circuit board.

The only hardware feature revealed is the screen size, a 5.3-inch one to be precisely. Beside this information, Elephone says that the phone will probably be launched in the first quarter of 2016.




via: elephone