Interestingly, one of the most original phones designs of early 2017 comes from Elephone, that has been teasing the Elephone S8 for a while now. The device gets new intel unveiled, through the picture below and a source close to the device maker.

It’s very likely we’ll see an unveiling in early February and the handset is supposed to be a Xiaomi Mi MIX rival, with very, very slim bezels. Even its makers admit that it goes against the Sharp Aquos Crystal X and the Mi MIX. It has 3 bezels that are incredibly slim (top, left and right), plus this time the leak mentions a 6 inch Full HD screen, not a 5.5 inch one like the previous info had mentioned.

There’s also a Home button in the mix below the screen, with a fingerprint scanner most likely embedded, although that’s not 100% sure. The device is expected to be very compact, in spite of the big diagonal and it’ll also have curved sides for the screen. Last we heard, it was coming with a powerful MediaTek Helio X27 CPU, 128 GB of storage and a vibration-based earpiece.

S8 is also supposed to get a 120 FPS capable screen and a dual back camera. Can’t wait to also learn the price tag of this powerhouse.

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