Our sister site Mobilissimo.ro has just hit the jackpot with an exclusive picture of the Samsung Nexus Prime, the very first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone, that will be announced next week. This model is pictured below, thanks to a leaked live photo, that reached the Romanian website.


Remember that you saw it there first and believe that is actually the real deal! This world premiere is actually pretty cool, especially since it happens 5 days ahead of the official unveiling. The guy who held the device in his hand claims that it’s amazing, thinner and lighter than the Nexus S.

Samsung Nexus Prime comes with a 1750 mAh battery, a 5 megapixel camera and it has a plastic case with two shades of brown with a very metallic feel to it. The battery cover is exactly like the one on the Galaxy S II. Ice Cream Sandwich is described as amazing and a pleasure to use. We’ll be back with more info from our source, in case leaks continue.

Update: as I said, the leak continues, so we have a video and some screenshots for you. Let’s see what else we can get from Mobilissimo!

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