Romanian developer Robert Neagu created an application called FaceVault, that’s used to unlock your iPhone using face recognition, but only for a special locker area on the device. Once again, this is not a method to lock or unlock your phone’s main functioning mode, but only that photo locker. We found out about this nifty little app from our sister site

The app is powered by the recognition engine and will provide reports for people who tried to break in and use their face while you weren’t there. Biometric face recognition is used here and you can choose between login with your face or with a pattern, as the backup method when the light conditions are unfit. There’s also the option to organize your photos into unlimited albums, an optimized transparent UI for photo viewing and multitouch control in the app.

You can store private photos or import and export them to and from the Camera Roll and share them via email. Keep in mind that you’re required to have an active internet connection to perform the recognition and this app only works if you have a front camera. There’s a video demo of the software below and a download link over here: