Fightback is an iOS game that has become an instant classic in my view. This title is available for free from Chillingo and it was tested by me on the iPhone 5. This fighting game allows you to throw a series of punches and kicks and create combos.

fight 1

This is actually a side scrolling fighter, that has the main character a typical 80s hero, with muscles and wifebeater on. You tap and slide to attack and perform low or high kicks. You can also use a gun and trigger a sort of bullet time event, where you slowly choose your targets. Users can get upgrades, new weapons, new vests and other cool items for warmongering.

fight 2

The baddies come in waves and include thugs and punks, usually with crowbars, molotov cocktails and guns. Missions are timed, as if they weren’t hard enough, so you have to pull through in 60 seconds or 90 or so. There’s also an endless mode available and you’ll earn money in each mission, money spent on upgrades, weapons and other bulletproof vests.

fight 3

Some levels will require special items to play, just like the game Robocop. You tap to punch, swipe to kick and swipe down to dodge. A swipe plus tap does a double damage and keep in mind that this freemium title includes a Stamina mode, which means that once it’s depleted you have to wait to play more. We give this game a 7.5 out of 10, since it’s fun, but also slightly frustrating and hard. Download link is here.