Its name is Qik and it’s one of the most popular mobile live streaming services on mass market phones. The alpha version is now available and ready to be used with a fair number of phones.


The good thing about Qik is that the service is compatible with middle-ranged mobile phones. Here is a list of devices that made it on the list:

Nokia S40 Phones:
– Nokia 5300
– Nokia 6300
– Nokia 6500 classic
– Nokia 6500 slide
– Nokia 6555
– Nokia 8800 Arte

Sony Ericsson JP-8 Phones:
– Sony Ericsson K850
– Sony Ericsson K858
– Sony Ericsson W890
– Sony Ericsson W910
– Sony Ericsson W908
– Sony Ericsson K660
– Sony Ericsson G502
– Sony Ericsson Z750

The service is compatible with devices such as feature phones, non-smartphones and non-PDA phones.


Developers are now working on ways to expand compatibility to other mobiles as well. They also ask for support from potential users as to try whether Qik can work on various other handsets. All those who wish to help can find out more details on their website.

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